Empty Ubuntu To Live Reload: Haskell IHP Web Framework and Nix

Posted on June 24, 2020

I came across IHP is a modern batteries-included Web Framework, built on top of Haskell and Nix today and being about web frameworks and nix it immediately caught my eye. I read the comments first, got mildly annoyed at the first comment being about “it’s nix only”, and kept scrolling until I saw a comment (you’ll see in the stream) that properly motivated me to actually read the link attached :D

I then resolved to stream playing around with this cool framework and also to do it from an ubuntu vm in virtualbox to show how seamless nix can make the setup (or can it?!?). Here’s a video of the stream in case you missed it:

If this generates much interest, I’ll try doing a follow up soon where we get to the more complex pieces like adding custom Haskell packages (or even in Hackage or nixpkgs).